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Dongnae-Gu Council


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Welcome to Dongnae-Gu Council : The Dongnae-Gu Council will do the best to construct the city prosperously with you, citizens.

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Sessions and Operation

Assembly and sessions

• Enactment, Revision and Abolison of Ordinance

Assembly means a gathering of the council members to exercise the unique function at
a certain time and place and for the members, it needs a legal procedure to ask them to
assemble at a specified time & place.

Session means a term of the council's activity.

Assembling and notification(Article 44 - 46, the Local Autonomy Act)

• Person capable of asking assembly(proposer)

  • Regular session: no special form of assembly required.
  • Irregular session: governor of local government, one third or more of the present members of the council.

• Person capable of assembling

  • Regular session or irregular session shall be held in principle by the chairperson of local council.
  • The first assembly after the election shall be asked by the secretary general of the council.

• Timing of assembly

  • First Assembly after election : Within 25 days after the irregular opening date.
  • Regular session: twice a year(1st: Jun.19, 2nd: Nov. 25).
  • Irregular session: if proposed by a governor of local government or one third and more of attending members, it should be assembled within 15 days.

• Notification of assembly

  • Person competent: chairperson
  • Content of notification: person who ask an assembly, time and date, date of notification
  • Term of notification: at least 5 days before assembly(7 days if metropolitan city council) Exceptionally, a chairperson may have a shorter term to notify an assembly in case the chairperson regards urgency at own discretion.
  • Change or withdrawal of assembly notification : changing or withdrawing a notification of assembly is not possible. It may be exceptionally accepted if no agenda exists to review as the situations are changed. It is also accepted that all of the members who ask an assembly agree to withdraw it(not allowed in case of partial numbers of members)


• Determination of term(Article 47, the Local Autonomy Act)

  • Opening, recession or closing and term shall be resolved by the council.
  • The term shall be submitted and resolved at the opening of 1st general meeting.
    • · The term shall be continued from the date of assembly unless the term is not determined.
    • · The number of date of a term shall be determined by counting from the first date of the assembly even though the term is determined after days of the assembly.
  • The term may be extended by the resolution.

• No. of days of annual assembly term and limitation(Article 47, 2, the Local Autonomy Act)

  • Local government: defined by the ordinance
  • Dongnae-gu council:limited to 100 days a year and it may be extended within 30 days according to the resolution of the council.
    • · Two regular session(within 45 days)+irregular session
  • ※ The no. of days of a irregular session for a year shall be the term subtracting the regular session from the total no. of days of session.

• Calculation of session

  • The session shall be counted from the date of assembly.
  • Recession is also counted.
  • The no. of days during closing shall not be counted for the total no. of days.

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